1 Cup Per Day Melts 1 Cm Of Stomach Fat Away! (Recipe And Health Benefits Of The Ingredients)

This amazing waist reducing syrup is the best natural fat burner! It can melt about an inch of fat daily, and it will also improve your overall health besides being very beneficial for your brain function, memory, hearing and eyesight. The remedy works best if combined with cardio and regular exercises. Here’s how to prepare it:


*4 lemons

*125 gr. of horseradish

*2 cm. ginger root

*3 tablespoons of organic honey

*2 tablespoons of cinnamon


Mix the horseradish and ginger in a blender, then add lemon juice in the mix and blend again for 3 minutes. In the end, add the honey and cinnamon and mix until you get a syrupy consistence, then pour the mixture in a glass jar.

Take a teaspoon of it twice a day before meals or workouts, and continue consuming it for 3 weeks, with a 3-week break afterwards.

Horseradish health benefits

Horseradish has well-known health benefits which is why it has been used in folk medicine for centuries. It contains 10 times the glucosinolates than broccoli, meaning that you only need a dab on your steak to benefit from it. The glucosinates in this healthy vegetable can improve your cancer resistance and the ability to repel environmental toxins. They have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which can relieve sinus inflammation and respiratory problems, while also being a strong antibiotic agent which can eliminate bacteria and fungi by increasing the blood flow to the infected area.

Lemon health benefits

Although acidic in taste, lemonis a highly alkalizing fruit which can reduce the acidity of your body. It’s a very popular fruit which is used all around the world. Lemon can stimulate your liver and dissolve uric acid as well as other toxins that poison the bile.

The lemon peel contains tangeretin, a phytonutrient which has been proven as effective against Parkinson’s disease. The high vitamin C content of lemon can strengthen your immune system and fight seasonal diseases such as the cold or flu. Eating a fruit-rich diet is very important for the body, especially in the cold winter months.

Ginger health benefits

Ginger is a wonderful plant which has been used in the Ayurveda medicine for treatment of numerous diseases for centuries. It is easily digested, and it can also improve the absorption of essential nutrients in the body. Ginger can clear the “microcirculatory channels” of the body, including the sinuses, relieving the inflammation that occurs during winter.

Honey health benefits

Honey is a sweet liquid produced by bees using flower nectars through a process of regurgitation and evaporation. It contains flavonoids and antioxidants which can reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. According to recent research, honey can treat ulcers and gastroenteritis, while also being helpful in cases of coughs.

According to a study which included 110 children, this amazing liquid is just as effective as dextromethorphan in relieving nocturnal coughs.
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