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Warts are small, self-limited tumors caused by one of over 100 types of human papilloma-viruses (HPV).
We have several wart removal tips and tricks for you to try besides Compound W, freezing, and other standard techniques. Meanwhile, work on prevention at the same time avoid walking barefoot, don’t share personal hygiene items, and avoid touching all warts yours and everyone else’s.

1. Boost your immune system

Warts are caused by a virus, so one of the best ways to get rid of them is to boost your body’s ability to fight them. In fact, many people notice that warts show up when they’re feeling tired, sick, or worn down. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and exercising regularly, and use some potent immune boosters like astragalus, elderberry, olive leaf, vitamin C, zinc, turmeric, and cat’s claw.

2. Stop the spread

Not only can warts be passed from person to person, but you can also spread them around your own body through touch. If you touch your wart, for instance, and then touch another part of your body before washing your hands, you may spread the virus, and notice new warts popping up several days later.

3. Use pineapple

Apply fresh pineapple directly to the wart several times a day. The natural acids and enzymes will help kill it.

4. Mix some fresh garlic with water and apply the paste to the wart

Put a bandage on top. Re-apply every few hours and continue until the wart is gone.

5. Baking powder

Mix baking powder and castor oil into a paste, apply to the wart at night, and cover with a bandage. Repeat until the wart has died. You can also try crushed, fresh basil in the same way—or even mix the two together.

6. Crush up a vitamin C tablet and mix with water to make a thick paste

Apply to the wart and cover with a bandage. You can also try vitamin E, break a capsule, rub on the wart, and cover.

7. Use these like the vitamin C tablet crush, add a little water, apply the paste to the wart, and cover overnight

Repeat for several nights until gone.

8. Tea tree oil

This potent antibacterial oil has powerful germ-fighting capabilities, and is also known to help treat skin conditions. Apply directly to the wart, then cover with the bandage. Repeat until the wart is gone. You can also mix with clove and/or Frankincense oils for additional power.

9. Bee propolis

Some people have found success applying propolis directly to the wart several times a day. Or try applying at night and covering until morning.

10. Aloe vera

Fresh from the actual plant is best. Break off a leaf and rub the gel onto the wart. Aloe contains malic acid, which can help burn away the affected tissue. If you don’t have the plant, get the purest form of aloe you can find.

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