15 Different Ways To Use Honey

Honey is nature’s finest work. The chemical composition of honey is unique and the use of honey has no doubt. Here are the top 15 different ways to use honey.

1. Use honey as a lip balm.

Lubricate your lips with honey.

2. Facial mask against blackheads

Mix 1 spoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply on face for half an hour. Wash away and you will see hydrated and radiant skin.

3. Hair conditioner

After shampooing, apply on hair a small amount of honey. Leave for a few minutes, then wash. Hair will become shiny and smooth.

4. The cure for insomnia

Mix the warm milk with honey and you will forget about insomnia.

5. Relaxing bath

Add a few spoons of honey into the bathroom.

6. Sugar replacement

Honey is a useful substitute for sugar.

7. Useful energy drink

Do you feel exhausted?

Drink a cup of tea with honey, and you’ll feel better.

8. Get rid of a hangover

If you feel a hangover, drink tea with honey. Honey helps to remove alcohol from the body.

9. Fruit jam

Fruit jam with honey is much healthier.

And it has long shelf life.

10. Delicious salad Mix the chopped melon, nectarines and honey.

Makes a great salad.

11. Cough syrup ginger root marshmallow root cinnamon lemon juice honey

Pour the ingredients with hot water.

12. Can be used as a sauce

Honey is a great addition to the cheese.

13. Treats insect bites

Lemon juice and honey are good antiseptics.

14. Prevents breast cancer

Scientists have studied that organic honey stops the growth of cancer cells.

15. Reduces the appearance of scars

Apply the baking soda and honey on the areas with scars for half an hour. Continue the procedure until the scars begin to fade.

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