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When people have a family history of cancer, they are usually extremely cautious and very careful with health, consult your doctor and follow specific signs to promptly take all necessary preventive measures.
Yet many people do not notice symptoms of cancer, because in public are promoted awareness of the few cancers that typically are most common.

It is extremely important that people are more to learn about preventive measures, especially the warning signs so they can react in time.

cancer-symptons-gtmUniversal signs and symptoms of cancer

Each cancer has its symptoms, as depends on the location of cancer cells and their widespread. However, there are some universal symptoms are the same for many types of cancer.

1. Changes in your stool

The sudden change in the size of stool, frequent diarrhea may indicate cancer in the upper digestive tract. Moreover, there are persistent abdominal pain.

2. Changes in your urine

If you notice that many often go to the bathroom and you have pain that is associated with urine, you should consult your doctor as these symptoms indicate prostate cancer or bladder.

3. Emergence of wounds

Wounds may be a sign of some cancers such as skin cancer, cancer of the mouth or genital cancer. In case you notice any pain in the body, consult your doctor.

4. Bleeding

If a bloody stools or blood in the urine, blood or cough if you have bloody discharge, it may be signs of several types of cancer. Consult your doctor as soon as possible.

5. The appearance of lumps or thickening in some areas of the body

If you notice a lump, change in size or give appearance of a new lump, you should definitely consult your doctor because it can be associated with several cancers.

6. Indigestion

One of the most errors misdiagnosed symptoms is impaired digestion, because this is a very common condition in humans.

However, it is best to check and make the necessary tests to rule out cancer of the upper digestive tract. Difficulty in swallowing and persistent abdominal pain, also warning signs of cancer.

7. Change the color of skin or weird stains

Each change of color, shape or size of moles or spots emerging skin may indicate cancer. Consult a dermatologist if you notice any unusual changes in the skin.

8. Unusual growth of hair

In case you notice unusual growth of hair, consult your doctor, because the said change in the body is quite a common symptom of cancer. But not lift immediately panic because it can often be the cause of some other condition in the body.

9. Changes in skin

Skin changes can occur from a variety of causes. However, if any reddening, yellowing or darkened areas of skin, see a doctor and check what exactly it works.

10. Pain

If you have sudden severe headache or back pain, it may be signs of a kind of cancer.

Different parts of the body are associated with different types of cancer and any chronic pain requiring medical attention.

11. High temperature / fever

Often fever is associated with cancer of the immune system, but it can also indicate that the existing cancer began to spread to other organs.

12. Abrupt weight loss

If you notice that you lose too much weight without dieting, it can be a symptom of cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, most cancer patients experience sudden weight loss.

13. Coughing

Chronic cough or throat irritation may indicate cancer of the respiratory tract, such as cancer of the throat or lungs. If the cough does not stop, it is best to visit a doctor.

14. Unusual lymph nodes

If you notice any unusual thickening and swelling of the lymph nodes, seek medical help.

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15. Fatigue

It may sound strange, but fatigue can also be a warning sign of cancer because it is a natural response of the immune system.

Certain cancers can cause blood loss, which also causes fatigue. In any case, if you feel chronic fatigue – consult your doctor.

Note: The above symptoms may indicate other medical conditions in the body, so do not panic immediately.

However, any change in the body need to see and check the doctor, because the success of treatment largely depends on early detection of the disease.
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