3000 years BC old clay plates are shared with the world the recipe of longevity

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Expedition UNESCO in 1961 found the old recipe of Chinese drug for long life, written on clay tablets 3,000 years BC!

The drug is released body fat and lime deposits, improves metabolism and elasticity of blood vessels, preventing heart attacks, sclerosis, stenocardia, apoplexy and create tumors. And, improves vision. And, if you follow the instructions, rejuvenates the body.

glina2 GTMWell, to convey respective recipe written on clay tablets: well cleaned and washed 350 grams of garlic, finely chop it and mash with the pestle of wood. Put in 300 ml of 96% alcohol, sealed container and keep ten days on a cool place. Strain the liquid through a thick cloth (gauze), and the rest harbor a good squeeze. After two to three days begin with taking the liquid into droplets. Drops should always pour in 50 grams of milk (room temperature), the precise scheme that was performed.

This recipe has triggered a different view and approach to today’s medicine.


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