Blocked arteries are the main cause of heart attacks. Here are 4 symptoms that indicate that there is a problem in our circulation. Do not underestimate them, they can save their lives
Prevent heart disease is one of the major challenges of modern medicine. Early diagnosis is the real weapon that can save us life, leading us to a lifestyle change or a different medical approach that can delay or deny the onset of a heart attack. There are “silent” symptoms, exactly 4, indicating that our arteries are obstructed.

The first of these concerns exclusively men and is erectile dysfunction. When reaching erection is difficult or impossible, it can be a clear sign that the arteries are clogged at the basin level. This condition may also occur 3 years before a heart attack.

Baldness is also one of the hidden symptoms that may occur in the case of obstructed arteries. Some studies, carried out on men and women, have shown that those who have lost moderately or completely their hair are more susceptible to heart attacks.

One of the strangest symptoms that indicate that the arteries are obstructed is a strange bend at the ear lobe level. This feature may arise from circulation problems, although some doctors claim it is just a general sign of aging.

Finally, the last signal that needs to be alarmed because it can indicate that the arteries are obstructed is a strange calf pain that is felt when walking. If you notice this disturbance, refer to the analysis without delay.


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