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Pimples are small lesions or inflammations of the skin, which are usually caused by clogged pores. This skin condition is most common among teenagers.

Never Pop Your Pimples

However, it can affect people of all ages. The pimples typically appear on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders, and their intensity can vary from mild to severe.

If you suffer from this condition, you should never pop your pimples in order to prevent any permanent emotional or physical damage.

What Are the Dangers of Popping Your Pimples?

The medical experts claim that you shouldn’t touch or pick your pimples. Although popping your pimples might seem to be the quickest way to solve this problem, it can severely harm your health. Here is why you should never pop your pimples:

1. You will make the inflammation worse

When you pop a pimple, you damage the skin around it. This will cause more redness and swelling that can be extremely difficult to treat.

2. You can get a scar

If you pick your pimples, you can cause scars that can last a lifetime. In order to prevent any scarring, you should let the pimples heal on their own.

3. You can cause more pimples

When you press a pimple, you increase your risk of developing more pimples in the surrounding open pores.

4. You can get an infection

When you pop a pimple, you tear the skin. This leaves your skin open to bacteria and increases your risk of getting an infection.

5. You increase your risk of premature death

The area around your nose is known as “triangle of death”. Popping pimples on this area can cause an infection which can result in death.

The reason why this may occur is because the blood vessels in this area of your face drain at the base of your brain. If an infection is not immediately treated, it can lead to a loss of vision, paralysis, and even premature death.

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