5 Secrets to Make Your Fragrance Last All Day!

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents – used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living spaces A PLEASANT SCENT


We bring you five tricks that will change your current use of perfume …

The perfume for women is clearly one of the most important weapons in the conquest of men. The choice of the ideal perfume that would suit the character of women, as well as the particular occasion is the most important step.

After selecting your favorite fragrance that will inspire you and it is important to choose a concentration of perfume that will suit you best.

However, regardless of the concentration of perfume, there are several ways in which we can emphasize the fragrances of each concentration and extend the duration of the perfume. We bring you 5 simple tips to extend the duration and intensity of your favorite perfume.

Where you keep perfume?

If you want your favorite perfume lasts as long as possible, do not store in the bathroom or other damp and warm place. Heat, light and moisture will reduce the quality of perfumes, and can even influence the fragrance. I would rather be kept in a dry and pleasant place, avoiding the windows.

For seductively scented hair!

In addition to joint hands and neck as the most seductive parts of the body of every woman, the perfume will have a lingering smell when you put on your hair. The best way to your hair to smell perfect are sprayed perfume on the hairbrush, and then it go through the scalp.

The oil prolongs the smell life of perfume!

Women with oily skin body keep longer the smell of perfume. Therefore, if you have a dry skin of the body, be sure to apply a base oil on the body that will nourish the skin (such as Creme Prodigieuse® Magic dry oil), and extend the smell of perfume.

Apply perfume on hot spots!

When applying perfume, choose a few areas with the pulse (neck, above the navel, below the elbows, wrists) to which you apply the perfume. These are the hottest areas that will allow you to expand your entire body odor and lasts all day.

A cotton swab for cleaning ears!

If you hate to wear perfume all day, the ideal trick is with perfume sprayed cotton swab for cleaning ears, pack in vacuum bags and with sticks you will touch yourselves during the day.


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