For treating a number of ailments, such as the common cold, infections, high blood pressure, kidney stones, arthritis and allergies Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been used since ancient times. By military groups, Roman soldiers and Japanese Samurai ACV has been used as antibacterial, antiseptic and energizer. Due to its incredible energizing, healing and cleansing properties Hippocrates, who is the Father of Medicine, used ACV.

When purchasing ACV, make sure that the “mother” is listed on its label. The “mother” has been highly regarded through history.

Despite the fact that vinegar is acidic by nature, it actually balances the pH levels, thus supporting healthy body, reducing inflammation and preventing diseases.

50 Amazing Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar


In a spray bottle you need to mix equal parts of ACV and water and apply it on your hair after the shampoo. You need to leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it. Repeat the procedure for a couple of days and the dandruff will disappear.

2.Sore Throat

You need to mix 3 teaspoon of raw honey, 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and 1 teaspoon of ACV. The capsaicin in the pepper will calm the pain and honey and ACV will promote recovery thanks to their antibacterial properties.

3.Foot Odor

Soak baby wipes in ACV, store them in a plastic bag and in the fridge. Leave them there and use them when needed. You can also use them as underarm deodorant.

4.Constipation and Gas

In warm tea you need to add one tablespoon of ACV and consume it prior your meal. ACV is going to stimulate the digestive juices which are responsible for breaking down the food.


You need to add some ACV in some tea or water and consume it when you feel heartburn symptoms. You can add some honey for better taste.

6.Clear Skin

You need to submerge a washcloth in vinegar and clean your face.


Pour one or two cups of ACV in your bath and soak for approximately 10 minutes. This is going to restore the pH level and the skin is going to be smooth.

8.Teeth Whitening

You need to apply it on your teeth directly and then use water to rinse it. However, since it can damage the tooth enamel you shouldn’t do this very often.

9.All Purpose Cleaner

You need to mix ACV and water in equal ratios and add a few drops of some essential oil and make your own cleaner.

10.Odor Remover

ACV eliminates the bad bacteria which is responsible for causing unpleasant odors. Mix water and ACV in equal parts is all you need to do and spray it around your home.

11.Weed Killer

ACV is a powerful weed killer. It can be used alone or mixed with lemon juice, salt, water and dish soap.

12.Repels Flea

ACV is a powerful flea repellent. All you need to do is spray some on your pet’s fur and on their bed.

13.Warts, Moles and Skin Tags

You need to soak a cotton pad in ACV and put it on your wart, mole or skin tag. Fasten it with medical tape and leave it overnight. Wash you face in the morning. Do this every night till the problem disappears!


ACC is going to stimulate healing and calm your pain. Moreover, it is a powerful disinfectant.


Take a cup of vinegar and warm it. Then, add a teaspoon of salt and as a compress apply it on your bruise.

16..Bad Breath

In a cup of water add one tablespoon of vinegar and gargle for about 10 seconds.

17.After Shave

A solution of equal parts of ACV and water makes a perfect after shave.

18.Condiment Promotor

Add some ACV in vinaigrettes, marinades and sauces. You can also mix some olive oil, ACV and fresh herbs for an amazing topping.

19.Add it in Your Fruit Juice

An excellent way of consuming it is adding ACV in your freshly squeezed juice.


Adding ACV in your soap will improve its taste.

21.Baked Goods

ACV is going to improve add some extra lift to bake goods, and nobody will notice it.


Applying ACV on the affected area will improve your condition.

23.Sore Muscles

In order to relieve your pain make a mixture of ACV and water and drink it.


ACV stops the itching like magic. Just apply it on your skin directly.

25.Insulin Sensitivity

Regular consumption of ACV will balance your blood sugar levels.

26.Clear Sinuses

Due to its antibacterial properties ACV is great for the sinuses.

27.Lymph Circulation

Daily consumption of ACV is going to strengthen your immunity and will prevent the flu and colds.

28.Energy Booster

Add some ACV in your morning smoothie or juice for more energy.

29.Facial Toner

To apply the mixture of ACV and water on your face use a cotton ball. This will improve the quality of your skin.
30.For Upset Stomach

ACV is excellent for calming the stomach due to its content of pectin and antibacterial properties.

31.It Will Prevent your Pets from Chewing Your Stuff

The majority of animals detest the smell of vinegar and will stay away from it.

32.Detox Bath

Adding 1 cup of vinegar to your bath, 5 to 10 drops of essential oils and a cup of Epsom salts will help you with your body detox.

33.Washing Your Fruits and Vegetables

Washing the fruits and vegetables with ACV will eliminate any chemicals or pesticides present.

34.For Neutralizing Spices

If you ever add too much of cayenne in your meals adding ACV will neutralize the taste.


ACV will attract fruit flies and will make it easier for you to kill them.

36.Eliminates Urine Smell in Clothes

You can eliminate urine smell from your clothing by adding half a cup of ACV to your washing machine.

37.Exercise Fatigue

ACV contains amino acids which eliminate lauric acid accumulation.

38.Yeast Infections

For approximately 20 minutes you need to pour one and a half cup of ACV in your bath and soak.


Adding 1 tablespoon of raw honey and 1 tablespoon of ACV in water will help you with your allergies.


You need to apply ACV directly in the affected area.

41.Hair Detangler

A solution of equal parts of ACV and water will help you comb your hair much easier.

42.Bone Broth

Adding ACV in your bone broth.

43Weight Loss

Thanks to its content of acetic acid, ACV is perfect for suppressing appetite and reducing water retention.

44.Shiny Hair

Washing your hair with ACV will make it shiny and wonderful.

45.Foot and Hand Massage

Rubbing ACV on your Feet and hands after a long day will provide you with immediate relief.


Regular consumption of ACV is going to help you maintain the perfect pH level.

47.Liver Detox

Add 1 or 2 teaspoons in a glass of water and drink it in the morning.


For fighting candida the enzymes found in ACV are perfect.

49.Dish Detergent

Add it in your dishwasher and eliminate grease.

50.Gout Relief

All you need to do is consume 2 to 3 tablespoons of ACV, twice or three times on a daily basis.

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