15 Herbal Teas For Every Ailment

There are so many health benefits to drinking herbal teas! A well steeped herbal tea is an injection of goodness your body will love!

Herbal Tea is better than any pill on the market and we’ve put together a medicinal arsenal for those seeking a more healthy life!

Herbal Teas are very soothing and gentle on the stomach and they even smell good!

Chamomile Tea is a very popular herbal tea that relieves bloating and indigestion plus it will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Basil Tea made with fresh or dried herbs is perfect if you’ve eaten a heavy meal as it aids digestion too. Green Tea will help relieve a whole host of ailments including a slow metabolism and is commonly called the ‘wonder tea’.It’s packed with antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure and even fights tooth decay.

If you are feeling nauseous, Ginger Tea is what you need. If you are feeling bloated, you can’t go past good old Peppermint Tea. Lemon Balm tea is good for anxiety, panic attacks and if you are feeling stressed. Adding a little honey to herbal teas is also beneficial and can make them a little more palatable too.

Some of the Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea include assisting to reduce Diabetes, relief from Indigestion, it’s great for menstrual cramps, headaches and inflammation. It prevents nausea, cold and flu. It is brilliant for your skin and hair too!

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  1. Send me detail information about the functionality of these natural teas and where one can obtain them in Nigeria.

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