8 Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among the female population, which is why every woman should be aware of the risk factors and warning signs of this disease. Breast cancer is cancer that develops from breast tissue. Signs of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast, a change in breast shape, dimpling of the skin, …

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

In case you notice an appearance of some new symptoms, such as abnormal pains and changes in your breasts, you should immediately consult your doctor.

You can detect breast cancer in its early stages by doing regular breast tests, mammograms, and self-examinations. Here are some of the earliest breast cancer signs and symptoms that you should never ignore.

1. Lump in your breast

A lump in the breast is the most common sign of breast cancer. If you notice a lump in one of your breasts, and if the lump doesn’t disappear until your next period, you need an immediate examination.

In case the lump has irregular edges which are too hard, it is likely to be cancerous. Also, if you are dealing with this disease, there might be a swelling which develops in your collarbone or your armpits.

2. Change in the size, shape, or color of your breasts

The enlargement of one of your breasts is a common sign of breast cancer. If both of your breasts are different in size, or if your skin gets orange peel color, you could be suffering from this disease.

3. Discharge from one of your nipples

Nipple discharge can occur as a result of either some infection or breast cancer. If you notice a clear, yellow, red, or brown discharge from one of your nipples, you should immediately visit your doctor.

4. Change in the shape of your nipples

The appearance of a change in the size and shape of the nipples is normal only during pregnancy. Apart from that, any change in the shape of the nipples, such as retraction or inward turning, can be an early sign of breast cancer.

5. Sudden and unexplained weight loss

A sudden and extreme loss of weight which occurs without exercising or changing your diet plan is a serious health problem.

An unexplained weight loss is a common sign of a thyroid disorder or an elevated level of stress. Nevertheless, this can also be a symptom of breast cancer.

6. Pain in your upper back

Upper back pain which comes from deep in the bones is one of the earliest symptoms of breast cancer. This sign indicates that the breast tumors are forming.

But, if the pain is too intense, it can be a symptom that the cancer has spread to your spine.

7. Pain in your breast

Breast pain commonly appears as a result of an intake of birth control pills, menstruation, breast cysts, infertility treatments, hormonal imbalance, as well as tight fit bras.

The occurrence of pain in your breast doesn’t necessarily mean that you are dealing with breast cancer. However, if you experience this symptom for more than two weeks, you need to consult your doctor.

8. Rash on your breast

The occurrence of a rash on your breast can be a symptom of breast cancer. These rashes are commonly accompanied by swelling, inflammation, and irritation of your skin.

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