Many people aren’t familiar with the subject we’re going to discuss today. It’s called cupping therapy and it dates back to 3000 B.C.

Cupping helps our circulation. It brings our blood back to areas where it finds it difficult to reach. The skin becomes sucked into a cup. Then, the tissue under the skin is released. It wraps around the muscles.

Small glass cups are being heated and then they are placed on the skin. After that, they have pulled away from the body. It relaxes the muscles and promotes good blood flow. Even Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Phelps use it frequently!


1 It relieves pain

Cupping can help you relieve pain. It can even assist in relieving pain related to cancer. It stimulates the soft tissue by using pressure applied to the painful spots. Cupping supplies our tissues with oxygen and nutrients, but it also improves our blood flow. Pressure and heat are used near an injury, so practitioners let energy pass through it.

2. It relieves cold, allergy and cough symptoms

This kind of therapy stimulates our lungs, but also other organs to help us remove phlegm. At the same time, we relieve colds, coughing and symptoms of allergy. It also increases our immunity by pushing lymphatic and blood fluids throughout our whole body.

3. It promotes relaxation

Chronic stress is connected to numerous health problems. It’s very important to relax. Cupping is considered to be one of the several best ways that can help you relax and massage even your deepest tissues.

4. It can treat carpal tunnel syndrome

This health condition disables your key nerve and causes loss of hand function, but also numbness. Cupping can help you relieve the pain which this condition causes temporarily! According to a particular study, only 1 session managed to relieve the symptoms for 1 week.

5. It provides an anti-aging effect

With age, all of the processes in our body decrease. Circulation is one of them, too. Muscle tone becomes lost and we start to develop wrinkles and fine lines. Cupping increases our circulation and helps us supply all of our muscles and tissues with nutrients and oxygen so that they can promote the production of collagen.

6. It relieves digestive disorders

This kind of therapy is very effective in decreasing stress. It helps our digestive system function in a healthy way. It helps us against acute gastritis, stomach pain, loss of appetite, IBS, water retention, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.

7. It improves skin-related conditions

Scientific studies have proved that cupping can help us against acne and eczema, lessen herpes breakouts, decrease skin inflammation and decrease cellulite. A study even managed to prove that cupping is better than antibiotics for treating acne.

8. It heals injuries faster by inducing inflammation

Chronic inflammation is detrimental to our whole body. Cupping can help us decrease the inflammation and heal injuries faster.

9. It detoxifies the body

Toxic build-up can cause poor circulation. This can cause numerous health problems. Cupping can remove these toxins as well as the dead cells, removing them naturally.

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