All You Need To Know About Argan Oil! (Recipe)

Argan oil has been known as Moroccan Oil because it is produced in Morocco of wood Argan (Argania Spinosa). It is intended not only for skin care, this oil has a variety of uses in our lives. Find out why this natural product is known worldwide as Moroccan oil liquid gold . This highly demanded product has a beneficial effect on your skin, hair, used to care for the lips, feet, nails. The best thing about argan oil is that it can be used in its pure form, and is also an ingredient of expensive preparations, creams and lotions. The most commonly used in this area is still argan oil for face and hair in its purest form and is used for the care of other parts of the body.

argan GTM

Moroccan argan oil composition

Argania Spinosa is a tree that can be found only in southwestern Morocco, and it has a large, green, round fruit. The fruit is a nut, from which it receives the liquid gold. Nuts must be cracked to make production possible. Interestingly, argan oil for face, hair, skin and still produced in the traditional way. The argan nut, breaks with stone, grinds the kernel of the fruit, and the ground mixture is kneaded his hands and squeezes until it receives the final product. For one liter of Moroccan oil, it takes approximately 20 hours and about 100 kg of fresh argan fruit.

ARGAN 5 GTMArgan oil would be important in the diet because of its high nutritional value, containing unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, but because of a very high cost, generally continues to be used only for beauty care. Tocopherol (vitamin E) is probably the most important ingredient since it produces an oil antioxidant properties, which is important in the care of the skin, and in the diet. It also contains carotene, which are essential to protect against the sun’s rays, therefore, Argan oil has an important role as a sunscreen.
Many celebrities own healthy skin and hair held argan oil, give us some examples of how the argan oil for the face can be used.

Argan oil for face, use

As a solution for eczema, dry and inflamed skin, irritated skin, acne, increased secretion of sebum can serve great argan oil. Moroccan liquid gold also helps to harmonize the complexion, skin tightening and reducing wrinkles, regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. Argan oil is suitable for all skin types.

ARGAN 1GTMAnti-aging action of argan oil
In addition to its excellent properties as a moisturizer, Argan oil has an effect as an anti-aging skin. Gives the skin a youthful glow, reduces the visibility of wrinkles, restores skin elasticity and leaves the skin fuller and softer. The application is the same as for hydration, two drops on a clean damp skin massage in the morning and evening.

Face mask with argan oil

It is a completely natural product.
– 1 tablespoon lemon juice,
-3 tablespoon of Greek yogurt,
-1 tablespoon of honey,
-3 drops of argan oil

Mix ingredients and apply to cleansed dry face and let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. This mask will face back freshness and softness.

The beneficial properties of argan oil to various types of skin

… With dry skin
We have already mentioned that argan oil for face has excellent moisturizing properties, in addition, it reduces the itching that often occurs in the dry and flaky with skin. Dry skin does not produce enough sebum, which leads to disorders of maintaining its moisture. Argan oil can be a good lead in the normal secretion of sebum which is essential if you want to keep your skin healthy.

ARGAN 3 GTMArgan oil for hair, how to use
Hair care, argan oil can easily be applied after washing on damp hair. Argan oil restores hair softness and shine, restores damaged peaks, but may influence the improvement of growth. Vitamin E, which has a lot in Argan oil for hair, can affect healthy

Miraculously action argan oil on the hair can immediately see because the hair becomes brighter, easier to shape and comb. Moroccan oil does not irritate the scalp, and even reverses the harmful effects of chemical agents that treat the hair. It is often used in its pure form to obtain a shiny, soft and healthy hair.

How to know if what you are buying is real argan oil?

Argan oil has a slightly nutty smell, silky and skin and hair absorb it. On the product label must write ˝100% argan oil or ˝100% Argania Spinosa kernel oil.


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