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Pregnancy, also known as gravidity or gestation, is the time during which one or more offspring develops inside a woman. A multiple pregnancy involves more than one offspring, such as with twins. Pregnancy can occur by se*ual intercourse or assisted reproductive technology. 

BOONE COUNTY, West Virginia – despite the fact that Margaret Allen has brought up fourteen kids, she is not completely satisfied in life, as none of them has given her a grandchild, which is something she wishes for the most.

The woman was even ashamed of her children, as they did not want to breed. As she told, God has always answered her prayers, and if she prayed hard enough, He will let her give birth to her own grandchild, i.e. her child whom she will be treating like a grandchild. She has decided to do this and claims that it is possible despite the fact that the doctors say it isn’t. Margaret’s ritual is getting up at 3 am and praying to God for fourteen hours a day so that he makes her pregnant. After these fourteen hours of prayer the 80-year-old has her dinner and goes to bed to ‘mate with’ this 22-year-old she has selected to be the father of the baby. Angie Dickson, a friend of Margaret’s and a fellow congregation member at Bible Baptist Church says that Margaret is very dedicated, just like a professional athlete. Once she decides to do or achieve something, she won’t stop until she manages to do so. The previous year, as Angie recalls, Margaret spent two weeks praying her IBS away. She has also stopped a terrorist attack on their town, and she even succeeded in making some homosexual men get out of their town only by prayer. It’s like she can do miracles. This is why Angie thinks that Margaret will get the baby.

Margaret Allen’s children remained silent on this matter. Still, her eldest son spoke and said that he also believes that people can accomplish anything if they put their mind to. He mentioned an example from his personal life:

Years and years of praying later, Margaret today is five months pregnant. She wishes to name her child ‘Miracle’, as according to her own words, she really is one. Let us remind you that Sarah was 90 and her husband Abraham was 100 when they had their first born child, according to the Bible.

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