Amazing Health Benefits of Banana Flower

Everybody well known about the benefits of bananas, but very few knows about the banana flower. It is also called the banana blossom or a banana heart is tear shaped and has a purple color thats usually grows at the end of the banana cluster on banana trees.

Here are the some of the amazing benefits of eating banana flower

-Cures Anemia
-Cures Ulcer
-Best food for Diabetics and lactating mothers
-Regulates menstrual cycle
-Provides effective function of kidneys
-Relieves you from constipation
-Reduces high blood pressure
-Strengthens uterus

How to prepare banana flower curry

-Take a pan and add two tablespoons of oilimages
-Add some mustard seeds in the pan, wait until it sputters
-Then add some chopped green chilies and onions, fry them well
-Now add chopped banana flower into that
-Add some turmeric, salt, Hing, coriander powder, curry leaves
-Then add little water into the pan and cover it with a lid for sometime
-After that, open the lid and add some grated coconut to the curry and stir it well
-Now the Banana Flower Curry is ready

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