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Did you know that you can use this powerful ingredient to prevent and treat many different health problems? Well yes, you can use this super healthy vegetable to treat and prevent many different ailments, such as: treat and prevent liver problems and diseases, prevent baldness, to cleanse your arteries and purify the blood, relieve the symptoms of the cold and the flu. And you should also know that garlic is also extremely helpful with other respiratory problems, etc.

garlic 123 GTMGarlic is one of the healthiest foods which is not only rich in nutrients but it also has many medical properties. Therefore it is recommended to eat garlic every day but because of its odor many people avoid it. But, the odor can be eliminated in many ways and one of the better methods is to swallow small clove of garlic with yogurt or milk and later to consume parsley.

Garlic can help in solving many health problems and it is best in treating the liver to purify better blood and blood vessels, it is good also in treating cold and flu and respiratory problems. It can be used externally to treat baldness.

About its healing properties knew even the ancient Egyptias and while they constructed the pyramids daily chewed garlic because of its antibiotic and healing properties.

The most powerful compound that the garlic owns is alicin. It is most effective if you crumple it before use and leave it to stand for about 15 minutes before consumption. For neutralizing the odor you can add vegetable oil and parsley.

Why some people put garlic under their pillow?

You probably heard that some people put garlic under ther pillow before going to sleep. It improves their sleep. Other people, put garlic inside their pockets for good luck.

There are old believes and traditions, in which garlic was carried everywhere with people for protecting themselves from bad spirits. Many people placed garlic in their pots and pans for elimination of pests. If you have troungle sleeping, try this folk trick – place garlic clove in your pillow or carry it inside your pocet to eliminate the negative energy around you.


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