Ancient Homemade Syrup That Removes Phlegm From The Lungs And Cures Cough! – GTM

The following recipe is for a natural cure that can relieve cough and eliminate the phlegm from your lungs. It can be used regardless of age.
Carrot juice is a healthy and antioxidant-rich drink that has many health benefits and successfully cures diabetes and high blood pressure. It’s best consumed fresh as the nutrients are more concentrated when unprocessed.

carots7777 GTMHealth benefits of carrots:

– Strengthen the immune system and control heart diseases

– Reduce cholesterol

– Prevent acne and cancer

– Improve digestion

– Clean the body

– Rich in calcium and vitamins beneficial to the skin

– Carrot syrup recipe:

– Ingredients:

– 500 gr. of carrots

– 3-4 tablespoons of organic honey

– Water


Cut the carrots and boil them in water until soft, then strain the mixture and allow it to cool down. In the meantime, mash the carrots in a blender and add the honey into the previously cooled water. Add this mixture to the carrots and your syrup is ready!


Take 3-4 tablespoons of the drink throughout the day, and you will feel the results in only a day or two. This is an ancient method that has been used for removing phlegm from the lungs and treating cough.

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