Baby food is poisonous?

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Small amounts of arsenic and other toxins have been found in the country where grown ingredients needed to make the best-selling baby foods.

Manufacturers continue to convince the public that the levels of toxic substances so low as not to jeopardize the life of children.

However, scientists insist that baby food must not contain the least amount of poison.

The Swedish researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm examined the products of leading companies in this field.

The report stated that in certain products listed companies find large amounts of toxic elements such as arsenic, lead, uranium, and cadmium, which mostly come from raw foods.

These elements should be kept to an absolute minimum in the food industry, especially intended for children. The high concentration of arsenic in products based on rice is a particular concern” the report said.

Two years ago, the British Food Standards Agency issued a formal warning that young children should not be given rice milk because of high levels of arsenic.

This was in response to two cases of poisoning this type of milk containing the most toxic of all forms of arsenic (inorganic arsenic called).

In addition to what has long been known as a poison, it is associated with the emergence of several types of tumors.

And the European Food Safety Authority and the FSA review of Swedish scientists report in order to make an official judgment.

Professor Andrew Meharg, a biochemist at the University of Aberdeen is concerned about the presence of arsenic in rice used for baby food.

When testing ”Organic porridge of rice “had 7.3 micrograms of arsenic per serving (the largest amount uncovered in the study), 0.38 micrograms of cadmium and 0.26 micrograms of lead.

A team of Swedish experts reported that the level of this toxin in children’s food was measured in micrograms, a millionth of a gram. The quantities have been found in baby food was higher than in breast milk.

Take care of what your children eat, because their health is in your hands!


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