Beef in Orange Sauce

Here’s another classic: Beef in Orange Sauce.This is a really quick and easy recipe, even getting the ingredients together doesn’t take long. You start of with marinating the beef for 20-30 minutes, then it’s just a 5 minute job of cooking the beef. That means the cut of beef is important, of course (isn’t it always?)

What cut for Beef in Orange Sauce
Because the cooking time is very brief, we need tender cuts of beef that require minimum cooking. Tender cuts come from the middle – the rib and loin – as these are support muscles that have less connective tissue because they get less exercise.

What’s perfect for this recipe?

Sirloin – lean and boneless, great for all quick cooking, my favourite but maybe not for stir-fries, what a waste to mess with greatness!

Rib Eye – probably with the most flavour but fattier

Fillet Steaks – very lean and tender

Rump Steaks – firmer but full of flavour

Feather Steaks – taken from the blade, not as well known and are relatively inexpensive. I quite like these, you get flavour without the price tag.

What to serve with this dish? Plain steamed white rice. As is. Unadorned. The white rice absorbs and highlights the multifaceted constitution of this recipe but of course, if you like your egg fried rice, by all means, that’ll work too!

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