Black Cumin vs Antiretroviral Therapy! Who Is More Successful Against HIV

The recently published study reveals how plant Nigella Sativa, in our language known as black cumin, contains active ingredients that successfully destroyed most of the potentially deadly viral infections, hepatitis, and HIV.

hiv 1 GTM

In August 2014, a study was published in the scientific journal African Journal of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine in which explains in detail the effect of black cumin in HIV patients who are after simple treatment unexpectedly recovered, that is in their blood serum could find more no trace of the disease.

“It is known that Nigella sativa has a therapeutic medical function but no one expected with black cumin to retreat infections of HIV in patients who do not respond positively to all the known conventional methods of treatment.”

Antiretroviral therapy is now used in the prevention against HIV but it is still extremely controversial because, belief it or not, creates a variety of adverse health effects attributable to the HIV. This therapy is very expensive and takes a long time, in the case of treatment in early stages can create mutations in the HIV virus to become very resistant to therapy, and can create irreversible damage to the immune system of patients. Unfortunately, doctors rarely acknowledge that the death of patients due to expensive treatment, they blame HIV.

Readers who follow Pharmacology and Medicine, this case will look very much like the situation with conventional cancer treatments that actually kill patients more than help them in the possible treatment, because the blame for the increasing number of cancer deaths attributed to the carcinogenic diseases, not the horrors of “cut it, burns and poisons. ”

Today, interest in natural medicines is increasing. Black cumin is a perfect example of a great effect on severe viral infection, the availability of the plant itself and the simple application of the drug to patients.

 Z cumin GTMCold pressed black cumin oil is great against viral infection.
Many doctors believe that the symptoms of HIV are much more serious than the symptoms of cancers, because in addition to the infection that creates the disease, patients have to deal with diarrhea, chronic fever, infectious mononucleosis, enlarged lymph nodes, muscle pain, weight loss , the creation of various forms of herpes, candidiasis, lymphoma, brain, pneumonia, multiple pruritic papular lesions that lasted three months, and of course the sharp decline in CD4 cells, with all that 50% of those infected develop AIDS after a maximum of 10 years of HIV.

Patients with these symptoms were given an extract of 10 milliliters of black cumin, twice daily for a period of six months. Between the fifth and 20th day disappeared lesions, fever, diarrhea and feeling sick and the number of CD4 cells in their blood increased by 160 cells per cubic milliliter.

After that, they are completely extinct symptoms of HIV in 187 days of treatment with black cumin, and in the blood of patients in general see no sign of infection and CD4 cell levels returned to normal than 650 cells per cubic milliliter.


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