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Human body shape is a complex phenomenon with sophisticated detail and function.
Many body characteristics can be indicators for different health conditions. Here are few examples and their meaning.

body shape 777 gtmBra size – Based of a research published in the Canadian Journal of Medicinal Association women with D bra size in their 20’s have a higher chance of suffering from type 2 diabetes than those with smaller bra size. According to the research the fat tissue in the breasts is very sensitive to hormones, which affects insulin resistance.

The length of the legs – According to British experts, people with shorter legs may suffer from liver problems. Also, women whose legs are 50-70 cm long have higher counts of liver enzymes that can cause liver disorder. Liver problems can be prevented by avoiding alcohol and other toxins.

The Length of the Fingers – It is believed that women who have a shorter index finger than ring finger are at a double risk of developing osteoarthritis when they get older. With women this indicates reduced estrogen levels, which reduces the risk of bone diseases.


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