Boy Nearly Decapitated While Using THIS Popular Cell Phone Accessory

This story is 16-year-old Bradley Willoughby from Queensland, Australia. A boy motorcyclist took the necessary safety precautions before riding, but a commonly used accessory ended up nearly decapitating him. After crashing into a fence, a 16-year-old received a horrific gash to his throat due to the wire of his iPhone earphones becoming wrapped around his neck.

Bradley Willoughby was attempting jumps on his motorbike around his family’s Ravenshoe farm near Queensland, Australia, when one landing ended with grisly results. As he sped through the turf on his motorbike, he awkwardly landed a jump, skidded, and drove right into a barbed wire fence-dislocating and breaking his ankle, and causing a gash on his belly,but that was the least of his injuries.

However, his most threatening injury was the lacerations in his neck, which were deep enough that they were only centimeters from his trachea. Due to Willoughby’s earphones being secured into his helmet, the cord had no available slack, tightening around his neck to the point of tearing into the skin.

According to the boy’s father, who removed the chords from his son while waiting for paramedics to arrive, the copper wires were deep, but narrowly missed his trachea.

Although Bradley and his parents are relieved that he will survive and recover, they are sending out a strong warning to other parents:

“Do not wear wired earphones under a motorbike helmet,” said Bradley’s mom, “It’s potentially life-threatening.”

Luckily, there are some easy alternatives to this earbud danger, including the use of Wireless-Bluetooth versions that don’t pose the risk of being choked or strangled by the cords. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

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