You Can Improve Your Hearing With These Old Natural Remedies!

There is a way to improve your hearing so you could hear as well as you did decades ago. All you had to do is take a natural remedy that costs just pennies a day.

Your inner ear contains over 15,000 tiny hair cells. Over time, these sensory hair cells become damaged. This usually happens after decades of being exposed to loud noise.
But that’s not all. Ear infections, circulation problems, high blood pressure, medication and injuries can affect your hearing, too — and often without warning.

These natural remedies can relieve the hearing problems you suffer with right now — and make a huge difference in how you hear for decades to come.

1. Garlic drops

Garlic is considered as a cure for many diseases. The following recipe can help to significantly improve hearing:

1. Take a few cloves of garlic
2. Cook it with olive oil for a short time
3. Press every clove very well to squeeze the juice
Strain the oil into a container.
Every day put a 3 – 4 drops in the ear and then place a cotton ball in the ear.

Red wine and green tea

It is good for the heart, immune system, mood, and the newest researches show that the black wine can prevent the hearing loss. The antioxidants from the black wine protect the fuzz in the inner ear, which the main function is to keep it from externalities. The green tea has the same effect.

Red onion and garlic juice

It is considered that this powerful potion gets the hearing back. To make the potion, you need 30 ml garlic juice and 30 ml onion juice. Drink this daily.

Honey and cinnamon

Mix equal parts of honey and cinnamon and take their combination every morning and every evening, before sleep.

Note:  Before you start using some of these alternative methods, consult with your doctor.







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