Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues

I was regularly saying to my patients that if they feel pain and ache, the best thing they can have is fibromyalgia. Obviously, an announcement like this can make some misperception, considering that individuals with fibromyalgia are told that there is no cure for this condition. But fibromyalgia can be cured aside what specialists say when the basic reason is treated.

Curing an illness obliges treating the main reason for the condition; but, today’s medical system focuses rather on treating side effects, regularly with very toxic medications. In fibromyalgia, the medication Lyrica, used to heal nerve pain, fits easily into this group. What’s more, don’t be charmed by the maker’s TV commercial recommending that the pain of fibromyalgia is because of overstimulation of the nerve endings.

The pain of fibromyalgia, which is not an inflammatory condition nor an immune system ailment, is caused with the development of lactic acid in tendon sheaths and muscle tissue. It is the same pain alluded to as “muscle smolder” by athletes who work out. And now it is clear that to eliminate the pain of fibromyalgia, one needs to keep the development of lactic acid, which, thusly, is able with treating the basic causes of this condition.

There is no simple and basic cause of fibromyalgia, but all causes have similar factors. As an example the only situation that build up a lactic acid is persistent muscle tension over a certain time. Lots of thigs can lead to muscle tension, but we will focus on the internalization of anger.

Anger is a really powerful emotion, and if it’s not released, it will be internalized and can create a situation like persistent muscle tension, leading to buildup of lucid acid.

fibre 8877 GTMSo the question arises: “Where does this anger come from?”

There are two big sources, very stressful relationship, like living with an abusive partner, requiring “walking on eggshells;” or caring for a family member, requiring to put your life on hold until the person dies. The second source of anger is more common, and though it is constantly unrecognized as a source of anger, it is a lot easier to address. So now we have reached the most common basic cause of fibromyalgia, extra adrenaline.

Many people are aware that adrenaline is a fight or fight hormone. It’s very powerful and capable to create intense anger like “road rage”, (I will speak about relationship between fibromyalgia and adrenaline, but be aware that this hormone is also the main reason for some other condition that are felt to be hopeless.)

As I mention before, the fibromyalgia pain is caused with buildup of lactic acid from constant muscle tension. So this can be cause from releasing extra adrenaline or by anger from some personal relationships. Adding to the development is the tension of the muscles constructing little veins venules which carry the lactic acid out of the muscles. In the meantime, muscle pressure correspondingly compresses lymphatic vessels that also remove the lactic acid away from muscles. This makes a circumstance where the lactic acid is constantly building up, however is not ready to be drained.

Likewise, this persistent muscle tension is in charge of the consistent exhaustion that fibromyalgia patients have. Muscle tension is also in charge of different indications connected with this condition, for example, temporomandibular joint brokenness (TMJ) which causes dysfunction and pain in the jaw the crushing of teeth, restless leg syndrome (RLS) unpleasant feelings in the legs and a strong inclination to move them and occipital neuritis, which is a headache regularly mistook for a migraine due to its extreme pain burning from the base of the skull to the back of the eye.

If one person has the capacity to accept that extra adrenaline as the main reason for some cases of fibromyalgia, then he can easily assume that lowering of adrenaline can cure this condition and it is. Furthermore, reducing those stresses caused by other people can cure fibromyalgia produced by unhappy life situations. I have seen this more than once in numerous cases. It may not be simple to get rid of an abusive partner, arranging caretakers for a relative, or isolating from a pet that causes anger, yet the healthy life is worth for following these changes.

First we have to understand why our body overproduces adrenaline if we want to lower it. Until a certain time in history our body only produces extra adrenaline in times of risk. It was giving chance to people either face the danger or run away the fight or fight answer. This physical answer lasted only a couple of minutes, and when the danger passes the adrenaline returned to normal. But today there are people who discharge adrenaline all night and day without being in danger. Why is this?

First some information plus. The brain uses more sugar that the other parts of our body. The brain falls asleep when the sugar is taken away from him. This is often referred to hypoglycemia. People usually get sleepy between 15:00 and 16:00, when our insulin levels peak. The blood sugar goes down when insulin levels goes up. Some of the people get hypoglycemia after eating, because the food can stimulate the release of insulin (some food less than other). It is also usual for people to be sleepy in the car, either as a passenger or as a driver. This is because the brain use a lot of fuel when a person is driving in a car. From an existence view, the body wants to make sure the brain has enough fuel.

So any time when the body detects small amount of fuel in the brain it releases adrenaline to increase sugar level. This process is called gluconeogenesis, and allows conversion of protein into sugar, and mediated by the sympathetic nervous system. We come to the point when it is possible to see how fibromyalgia can be significantly better with giving the necessary fuel to the brain to prevent the need for discharging adrenaline. It takes only 24 hours to reduce adrenaline. This can cause relaxation of the muscle tension and improvement in circulation, which can eliminate extra lactic acid.

We can find the best sugar for our brain in the green vegetables. But the best fuels for the brain are oils that can create ketone bodies in the brain, like palm or coconut oil. By combining these foods into your diet, you should notice a decrease in symptoms of extra adrenaline very soon. Other good component that can help in reducing adrenaline is bio  identical progesterone cream with strength of 5 percent (50mg) per pump  the amount required to control insulin and block adrenaline. Also big help against fibromyalgia are magnesium, coenzyme Q10 d-ribose, and high dose of vitamin D3 (10,000 to 15,000 IU daily), together with K2 (MK-7).

With using these method you can cure fibromyalgia in just three days to three weeks.

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