Onions are the plant which will make you cry with no reason, so not everyone are happy to cut it. The onions absorb sulfur so the chemical stored in case of broke release a lot of enzymes which will make us cry.

onion-cryIn order not to even start with crying you need to take some preventions.

You should always use a sharp knife, as fast as you are chopping the less time you will spend absorbing the chemicals.

You need to keep the chopped pieces face down.

Try to leave onions in their original position as much as possible when you cut them, so that you don’t increase the surface area of exposed onion flesh.

The best thing is the Vent Technique
This presents the cutting of the onion under a kitchen vent.

The air circulation directs the onion vapors away and they won’t touch your eyes.

Freeze ‘em and Don’t weep
You need to add onions in the freezer for 15 minutes before the preparation. The cold temperature minimizes the release of chemicals from the onion. The enzymes are less reactive in cold and hot temperatures and that’s why cooked onions never make you cry.

The onion Goggles
You need to wear pair of goggles white cutting onions. It will calm your eyes, so you won’t even cry because you are wearing a lenses.

Drown your sorrows
You need to peel the onion and let it soak in a bowl of water the whole 10 minutes.

The chemical will be absorbed into the water, so when you will chop will not make you cry.

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