Destroy Millions Dust Mites That May Be Living In Your Bed!!!

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What dust mites really are?

Dust mites are invisible insects that live in fibers on carpeting, in your bed, plush furniture,mattresses, and curtains. Dust mites are not visible to the naked eye and they are rapidly excreting up to 15 times a day.  Scientists confirmed thad, there are up to 1 million in an average bed. Dust mits is the biggest health hazard for humans.The life of an adult dust mite is 40 to 95 day with female mites producing  1 to 4 eggs per day.

Should we be concerned about  dust mites?

Dust mites produce 15 to 30 waste particles per day , each containing a protein known to cause allergic reactions and asthma. 30% of the population are allergic to dust mites. Asthma and eczema can also be triggered by a dust mite allergy.

How exactly can you get rid of dust mites?

Is very easy and simple.

-If you don’t make your bed in the morning you expose them to direct  fresh air and sunlight, which will dehydrate and destroy them. When you make your bed immediately after you get up  you trap the heat, dead skin in your bed. The dust mites feed on them. Make your bed in the evening, you can now be lazy and have a good reason for it.

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