Diet Soda! Do You Really Know The Risks?

Before the next time when you want to take a diet soda because you want to make it less sugar in the body sees how harmful they are. Diet Soda are increasingly being consumed, and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that drinks are consumed more by children.

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However, diet soda may have less sugar or other ingredients and artificial sweeteners who can harm your body. Doctors have identified the seven most dangerous things that diet sodas can do.

Kidney problems
Harvard University, 11 years carried out a study with 3,000 women in which it was shown that diet cola leads to increased risk of kidney failure. This may occur if a woman drinks a day for more than two cans of cola. Being in such a state is not responsible real sugar, scientists think they are to blame artificial sweeteners.

SODA5Scrambling metabolism
The University of Minnesota in his study included 10,000 people, and the results show that only one diet soda a day can disrupt your metabolism by 35 percent, which leads to changes in body weight and high cholesterol.

Diet soda may cause more health problems
The Medical University of Texas conducted a study in which they wrote that diet soda can cause more obesity. Moreover, if you drink two or more cans of diet soda daily, your waist circumference may be increased by 500 percent! Artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake based on food taste, which means that people who consume diet sodas eat more since the body in some way is cheated and wants more.

Reinforces the hangover
The Royal Hospital in Australia came to the discovery that a man gets drunk faster and stronger if you drink beverages with diet sodas. This is because the artificial sweeteners to act to alcohol more quickly enters in the bloodstream.

soda GTMDamage to cells
In the diet soda has sodium benzoate as an addition to foodstuffs (preservative) is labeled E211. Yet some of the diet soda like Coke or Pepsi do not contain the infamous preservative. Professor of molecular biology and biotechnology at the Britain’s University of Sheffield and an expert on aging, Peter Piper, long-term study of the chemical compound sodium benzoate found that can permanently damage the DNA. E211 attack mitochondria, parts of cells that promote energy. Such damage is considered to cause a range of neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, or, more generally, associated with the aging process.

Damaged teeth
With a pH value of 3.2 diet soda have a strong acid, and it destroys the enamel. Adults who drink three or more cans a day have poorer dental health, according to a study University of Michigan.

Reproductive problems
Besides the soda, and cans are hazardous because they contain bisphenol A (BPA). It is a chemical substance which is used for hardening of the material. This chemical is associated with many health risks and even reproductive problems.


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