Do You Know All About Tanning Beds

The use of tanning beds is classified in the first category of the enhanced risk of skin cancer. If young people under 30 years using quartz lamps, increase the chances as much as 75 percent to get melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer.TAN2 GTM

Solarium tanning increases the chances of getting skin cancer by 75 per cent, warns the World Health Organisation. Experts are safe and warn that the solarium life-threatening.

Using this apparatus is classified in the first category of the enhanced risk of cancer, as well as asbestos or smoking. Ultraviolet radiation quartz lamps, in particular, is likely to endanger the health of children and young people up to 30 years

TANING GTM..Experts from the World Health Organization estimate that tanning bed detrimental same as if you drank a glass of arsenic, which is a strong chemical element and its salts are carcinogenic, or if you breathed battleship gas that destroys skin and creates wounds.

According to recent research, if the young to 30 years using quartz lamps, increase the chances for entire 75 per cent to get melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer.

“We want to see the warnings and age limits in salons with solarium. Younger than 18 years should be forbidden by law to use them because young skin is very sensitive,” said Kate Arnie of the British Association for malignant tumors.

Legal prohibitions in 19 countries
tanning beds GTMEven 19 countries banned minors go to the solarium. The Association of Dermatologists from US authorities propose such solution until then I can only warn.
Bronze tan became fashionable at the end of the last century. Previously, tanned face was bad, even rude to a lady. But times have changed.
However, before the next time you go to a tanning salon, remember that a year in the world of malignant melanoma are diagnosed more than 130,000 people while 66,000 die. Do not forget that if you are sunbathing today, the consequences can be visible until tomorrow, or in a few years.

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