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Cancer is a condition where cells in a specific part of the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably. The cancerous cells can invade and destroy surrounding healthy tissue, including organs.

When her cancer was in the third stage Ann Cameron she had an operation. She knew all about the disease, since her husband died from lung cancer even after he underwent chemotherapy treatments.

carrot 1111 gtmAfter six months from the surgery have passed Ann’s doctor told her that her cancer is now at stage four, and has spread to her lungs.

– At this point, Ann decided to research the internet for alternative treatments.

– She was especially amazed by the story of Ralph Cole who cured his skin cancer with carrot juice.

– He made juice from 2.5 kilograms of carrots every day and drank it.

– Ann started drinking carrot juice every day.

– She drank evenly doses throughout the entire day.

Amazingly, after 2 months Ann’s cancer stopped spreading. The tumors in her lungs shrank and swelling of the lymph glands in her lungs was reduced.

When another two months have passed, Ann’s glands were completely normal and the size of the tumors continued to reduce.

After eight months since Ann started drinking the carrot juice, the computer tomography check up did not notice any signs of cancer in Ann’s body.

Evidently, carrots contain high amounts of fatty alcohol and carotene. The carotene prevents the creation of tumors, so the carrot juice has completely natural anticancer qualities.

Ann managed to cure her colon cancer with an alternative therapy and told her experience on a blog where people share their own cancer stories.

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