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You already know that drinking 7-8 glasses of water is really important for your health. However, many people do not know that drinking a glass of water right after waking up has therapeutic benefits. While sleeping our body becomes dehydrated because it needs fluid to function. In order to reduce your body fat, drinking a lot of water is really essential. It is something that trainers and dieticians recommend. Also, water will help you increase your energy level.

water-gtmYou have to drink 16oz of water right after you wake up. You can drink even more, depending on your weight.

Here is why you have to drink a big glass of water after rolling out of bed:
– It starts up the metabolism
Consuming a large glass of cool water after waking up fires up your metabolism up to 24%.
– The body is dehydrated when you wake up

Maybe your body won’t send you any signals that it’s thirsty, but it is because you haven’t drunk water for 7-8 hours.
– Flush out toxins with water
The intake of fluids helps our body cleanse and get rid of toxins. Consuming fluids right after waking up aids the body flushing toxins out.
– Our brain tissue contains of 75% water
Our brain does not operate fully when not properly hydrated. In that case, you can feel exhausted, of experience fatigue or mood changes.
– You will eat less
According to a study, people who drink a glass of water before every meal lose 4,5 pounds over a period of three months. Water fills the stomach with a substance that has 0 calories and people feel full.
Drinking water in the morning is an excellent way to purify your internal system. This treatment includes one of the most important results – colon cleansing, enabling better absorption of nutrients.
With this water treatment you will have the following benefits:

– Glowing skin
– Production of new cells
– Balance of the lymph system
– Losing weight
– Colon cleansing
– Curing of illnesses and diseases

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