Easy Way To Check If You Have A Problem With Your Lungs Or Stomach

Some of us are afraid to see a doctor or maybe having a medical check-up. Well today, we will share to you an easy way to check your health.

To begin with:

Test with a spoon.
How do the test with a spoon?
What is needed for a health test with a spoon?
Just leave a little saliva of your tongue in a transparent bag

Push the spoon with your tongue, so that it remains saliva and put it in a transparent plastic zipper bag. Wait a minute under table lamp or sunlight, then check.

If there is no stain or smell on the spoon, this good news shows you have no problems with your internal organs.

The smell of the spoon:
If it smells unpleasant definitely there is a problem with the lungs or stomach
Sweet smell may be diabetic.
A kidney problem indicates the smell of ammonia.

If the spoon has spots:

Yellow-white color is in the case of thyroid problems
Signs of poor circulation are the purple color, bronchitis or may show high cholesterol
Orange color may indicate kidney disease.

Well, this is only part of the information, consult a doctor with the slightest problem or suspicion you encounter.

We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

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