Colon cancer is one of the most common cancer types in both men and women. Even though there are many natural remedies available, medical experts still underestimate their effects and believe that there is no enough evidence to back up these facts.

coconut-oil-gtmUnfortunately, most of the studies done these days are actually financed and supported by the pharmaceutical commercial enterprises and most of the experiments are done for the aim of profit instead of human health.

Still, this doesn’t mean that important inquires are not distributed in diaries. For instance, there is a case in which researchers from the Adelaide University of Australia found that lauric corrosive, a compound found in coconut oil, kills over 93 percent of colon cancer in 48 hours! The trials were done in both in vitro and in vivo, indicating parallel results.

What makes lauric corrosive so effective is the fact that it destroys cancer cells while reducing oxidative anxiety, promoting reduction of glutathione levels. Glutathione is needed for the disease cells` assurance of oxidative anxiety.

Such studies cost a lot of money and they are rarely supported, as common cures simply cannot be protected. Pharmaceuticals basically lack the enthusiasm to finance such experiments, despite the fact that they are the one in charge for the wellbeing of the people. Lauric corrosive is found in mother`s milk and it is known for its potent anti-bacterial properties.

According to the clinical study of the American Nutrition Association, the fats in coconut oil “can be valuable in the curing and counteractive action of conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, viral ailments (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes and so forth.), biliary tract infections, Chron’s sickness, and cancer”.

The study has also shown that coconut oil reduces the effects of chemotherapy and improves the quality of life of those who are diagnosed with cancer.

It is really sad that the Big Pharma is not interested in further studies on the effects of coconut oil. However, it is sure that Mother Nature has provided us with all the remedies we need and all we have to do is to study them and learn how to use them.

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