Even The Doctors Will Never Tell You: 4 Reasons Why You should Always Pee In The Shower! – GTM

Your kidneys make urine by filtering wastes and extra water from your blood. The waste is called urea. Your blood carries it to the kidneys. From the kidneys, urine travels down two thin tubes called ureters to the bladder. The bladder stores urine until you are ready to urinate.

urine 9 GTMThere are presented four reasons for which this is more than wanted:

1.By doing this, you save the planet.

US Environmental Protection Agency said that when you pee while you’re taking a shower, you save up to 27 % water. You actually save water because you don’t have to pass water into toilet.

2.Sanitize the wound

Fresh urine can sanitize your wound or scar. It cleans the wound and reduces the pain. If the wound is serious, you should visit the doctor, anyway.

3.Skin care

Urine is good in healing the rash and eczema. Urea is active ingredient in the most of creams and oil for skin care. It makes skin pH balanced and it is good for dry and sensitive skin.

4.It will resolve your problems with fungus

Urine can treats the boring and ugly fungal infections on foot. The best way is to rub it on the infected skin. You will be amazed with the results which will be seen in a few days.

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