Frankincense oil is made from Boswellia tree, and it has been used extensively by ancient Greeks, Egyptian and Romans. Frankincense oil has an earthy smell with hint of lemon and honey.  This oil is very effective and has no side effects. This oil has been used in aromatherapy and can be combined with many other essential oils.

To combat common colds and coughs, dab a few drops of this oil on your neck and see the difference. You can also add a few drops of this oil in water and gargle your mouth with this water, you will get relieved from colds and coughs.

Removes Scars And Stretch Marks

Apply this oil mixed together with some lotion or coconut oil and see your scars fade away with regular use. This will reduce stretch marks and dark spots. This oil will also help in healing the wounds.

Useful In Insect Bites

If your skin is infected or you have insect bites, simply dab a few drops of this oil and rub in. You will get an instant relief from it.

Helps Boost Immune System And Prevents Diseases

According to studies frankincense has immune enhancing properties which help in killing the bacteria, viruses and even life threatening diseases like cancer. It also helps in killing germs in mouth. Simply ingest few drops of this oil with water for best results.

Helps In Building Concentration And Inner Peace

Apply a few drops of this oil on your neck to increase your concentration levels. Inhale a few drops of this oil and you will be relieved of anxiety and you will feel relaxed. The therapeutic properties of this oil will relieve your stress and fatigue.

Helps In Reducing Wrinkles

Mix a few drops of frankincense oil with lavender leaves and apply on your twice a day. Rinse with lukewarm water. You will see that soon your wrinkles will fade away.

Helps In Getting Good Sleep

To get better sleep in night, put a small bowl of frankincense oil besides your bed. You will notice you are able sleep better.

Use It For Meditation

This oil can be used for meditation as well as it helps in keeping you calm, helps you breathe better and soothes your nerves.

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