Find Out! Why Mosquitoes Always Bite Just You?

What are genes responsible for?


Already have heard many stories “Why mosquitoes like to bite some people more than others? On this subject have been conducted many studies in which it was established that the mosquitoes attracted to certain chemical elements that a human body are excreted in large quantities, such as processing residues cholesterol, then higher amounts of uric acid, which is excreted through the skin, the discharge of carbon dioxide, or simply put, releasing “winds”.

But it seems that the specific cause that makes us attractive female mosquitoes, which need blood to be fertilized larvae develop, lies in the genes. The new research was conducted on the “London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine,” found that the genes that determine the scents that will emit a particular body, and thereby more or less to attract mosquitoes.

This conclusion came after in their study included 20 identical and 22 fraternal female twins. Since monozygotic twins genetically more similar than fraternal twins that differ like any other sisters, it was concluded that the mosquitoes were more attractive to those people who have had similar genetic material, which was the cause similar bodily functions of people that did not have so many similar traits.
It is this research could help in gaining new knowledge how to protect yourself from mosquitoes, whose bites are not only annoying and uncomfortable, but are carriers of many infectious diseases, and those often life-threatening.

The researchers point out that in the future may be possible to take a natural pill that will help the body in the release of natural repellents that should repel mosquitoes.


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