When it comes to cancer, early detection is vital for successful treatment and survival because if the disease reaches a more advanced stage, it hardly responds to chemotherapy and other conventional cancer treatments.

grape seed 2222 GTMHowever, according to a recent study, even 4th-stage cancer can be treated, with grape seed extract. Namely, the study found that grape seed extract has higher efficacy in killing advanced cancer cells than conventional chemotherapy treatment. The greatest advantage of grape seed extract is that it only targets and kills the cancerous cells, which become resistant to conventional chemotherapy as the cancer advances, while leaving the healthy cells intact.

Another positive aspect of the grape seed extract therapy is that small amounts are sufficient in killing advanced cancerous cells, even those that have become resilient to drugs and medications – something that makes conventional chemotherapy useless.

The trial included patients with colorectal carcinoma in all stages. According to health experts, it takes much more chemotherapy treatments to destroy the cancer cells in the 4th stage, as opposed to the 2nd stage. But, the effects from the grape seed extract were quite the opposite.

In the words of Molly Derry, a doctor from the laboratories on the University of Colorado:

You should all know that you just need 50% of the concentration of this grape seed extract to prevent and stop the cancer cell growth, and you can destroy 50% of the cancer cells in IV stage- than it was necessary to get the same results in II stage. You should know that a single cancer cell of colon cancer can have more than 11.000 genetic mutations – which is are the differences compared to the DNA in the healthy cells. So, what really happens? Well, the conventional chemotherapy treatment can aim towards a certain mutation. But, when the cancer evolves, more and more mutations usually occur. These mutations can make the cancer cells to be resistant to the conventional chemotherapy treatment. But, the medical experts have found that many bioactive bonds in the grapes seeds extract are possible to aim more mutations.The more cancer mutations – the more effective the extract is.”

The study, carried out by a group of researchers at the Cancer Centre of the University of Colorado, was published in the Cancer Letters magazine. The researchers found that grape seed extract was more effective in killing cancer cells in later stages, without harming the healthy cells, because it caused oxidative stress in cancer cells, thus leading to apoptosis or programmed cell death.

Dr. Molly Derry also added:

“Well, we know that the bio-active compounds from the grape seed extract can be extremely useful and effective against many different types of cancer cells. This study shows that many mutations, which are the actual cause for colon cancer, create a metastasis and survive the traditional therapies, make them especially vulnerable to the treatment with grape seed extract.”

The high efficacy of grape fruit extract is attributed to the active ingredient, resveratrol, commonlyfound in grape seeds and skin. Resveratrol provides a number of health benefits for the human body including:

  • It blocks cellular growth of pancreatic cancer.
  • It protects against several types of viruses, such as herpes simplex 1 infection, Varicella zoster, human cytomegalo-virus, Epstein-Barr virus, entero-virus type 71 (this virus can also cause paralysis, including heart failure).
  • It prevents and inhibits cell growth in colon cancer.
  • It’s beneficial for treatment of fungal infections.
  • It protects against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It improves and protects the cardiovascular system.

Although there’s common belief that conventional anti-cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, are the best alternative for treating cancer, this isn’t entirely true as chemotherapy also destroys healthy cell inside the body, which seriously affects post-treatment recovery. On the other hand, there’s mounting evidence that other alternative treatments may be more beneficial for fighting cancer. And grape seed extract is just one.

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