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Avocado is one of the most healthy food in the world. It contains is high amounts of healthy nutrients, especially healthy fats, which can provide many health benefits for you and for your health in general.

This amazing fruit is very delicious and it can be easily incorporated in your everyday diet, either alone or as a unique condiment.

However, a few of you probably knew that you can plant and grow your own avocado at home!

That`s why, next time you are slicing it for a salad, or you are preparing delicious guacamoles, remember not to throw the seed away – you can use them to grow your own avocado tree at home.

The avocado trees are warm season plants, and they can be easily damaged by the cold weather and frost. So, people who live in harsh and cold environment must know that they should grow their avocado tree inside their homes.

This is how you can grow your own avocado tree

1.Extract the seed

First of all, you need to remove the avocado seed from the fruit, but you should be extra careful and try not to damage it. Wash it clean or soak the pit n some water for 5 minutes and them scrub it to eliminate all remains. However, note that you should you should be careful not to remove the brown skin from the seed (that’s it’s cover)

2.Pierce the seed

Then, pierce it. All avocado pits have two ends, its top, that is, the end from which the sprout grows, and its bottom, from where the roots grow. The top is the end which is a bit pointier, and the flatter one is the bottom.

In order to stimulate it to sprout, you need to place the bottom in some water. Therefore, it’s extremely important to know which side is top and bottom before you pierce the pit.

3.Soak the seed in water

After you have soaked it in water, you need to put the bottom side of the avocado seed in water, so the toothpick should be wedged in the seed firmly. In order to leave a larger part of the avocado base soaking, you should stick the toothpicks pointing down.

4.Let the seed sprout

Next, you should leave the seed to sprout for 3-6 weeks. After this time, you will notice a sprout coming out from the top, as well as roots at the base.

As soon as the stem is grown for about 5-6 inches, you need to pinch out the top set of leaves, and in a few weeks, you can expect to have new leaves and no more roots.

5.Trim the sprout

After some time, the sprout tail will be around 6-7 inches, and you will need to trim it in half in order to stimulate new growth.

6.Prepare to plant

Now, you need to take a large flowerpot– 8 to 10 inches (across), and place some enriched potting soil to about an inch from the top of the flower pot.

Then you need to make a small depression in the center of the soil and plate the avocado seed, root-side down into the soil. In order to water the pit, you need to generously water the soil, as it needs to be really moist.

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