Health Benefits of Strawberries – Making Strawberries Part of Your Daily Diet Can Help Prevent Gout Attacks, Stomach Pain, Constipation, Acne …

Not only beautiful and delicious, strawberries have health benefits and are a natural remedy for a number of health issues. Strawberries allow you to “let your food be your medicine.” Daily consumption of strawberries can keep gout and constipation in check and can lessen acne symptoms.

Nutrition in Strawberries

One cup of strawberries contains one and a half times the RDA of Vitamin C! Strawberries also contain calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. The fiber content in strawberries make them great for your digestion, too. While there is nothing like a fresh strawberry, frozen strawberries are also a healthy option. Avoid canned strawberries as they will not have as much nutrition and often have added sugar or worse, high fructose corn syrup.

Whether you choose fresh or frozen strawberries, do opt for organic strawberries. Strawberries consistently contain high levels of pesticides. According to the Environmental Working Group, strawberries are at the top of the list of the “Dirty Dozen.”TM (Produce with high levels of pesticides.) Some chemicals found on non organic strawberries include ones that disrupt human hormones, are considered carcinogens, neurotoxins, and poisonous gasses. Some of the chemicals are banned in some countries.1

Side effects from eating non organic strawberries may be short term side effects, like rashes and digestive disturbances. Long term side effects from eating non organic strawberries could include cancer, infertility and nerve disorders. Obviously the risk of side effects is higher the more non organic strawberries you consume.

Strawberries for Better Health

Berries are often a natural remedy for gout and strawberries are no exception. Consuming extra strawberries during a gout attack can bring relief. Making strawberries part of your daily diet can help prevent gout attacks.

Stomach Pain
Stomach aches and gas pains can be relieved with strawberries. Try eating 3-5 strawberries when you experience pain in the stomach. Do not eat more than 5 however, or it may make your pain worse!

Because of the antioxidants and vitamin C, regular strawberry consumption can reduce acne flare ups.

Fresh strawberries can be mashed and used as a face cleanser and astringent. Add a drop of lavender essential oil or splash of apple cider vinegar to your strawberry toner. Massage the strawberries on to your face. Rinse after 2 minutes.

After Work-Out Snack
Cold strawberries make a great snack when you have been working out or doing yard work. Strawberries help to replenish your water and electrolytes.

The water and fiber content of strawberries make them a useful remedy for constipation.

How to Use Strawberries

Strawberries are wonderful eaten fresh and plain but also lend themselves to a variety of recipes.

  • Add strawberries to your morning oatmeal or granola.
  • Include strawberries in your smoothie.
  • Strawberries add color and a flavor burst to salads.
  • Try cold strawberries with coconut milk for a snack on a hot afternoon.

Strawberry Cautions
Overeating strawberries can cause gas, bloating and diarrhea. Sensitive individuals may develop a rash or hives from overindulging in strawberries. Some perioral dermatitis sufferers cannot eat strawberries. If moderate amounts of strawberries disagree with you, it is possible that organic strawberries may be tolerated by your system, but only try one at a sitting to be sure!

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