Healthy Drink For A Healthy Body! Natural Drink Used By The Spartans. (RECIPE)

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This magical recipe, which dates back to ancient times, is made from blueberry and juniper berries dipped in wine and brandy, and it is a kind of blueberry wine that is used as a cure for all kinds of diseases, and is particularly useful in case of problems with the poor circulation, blood count, blood pressure, with headaches and dizziness, in other various ailments of the head.

Wine of blueberries you should try if you have problems with a weak heart and blood vessels. For the same purpose used beverage blueberry mentioned in the writings found in London dating back to 1695 years.

A list of all the benefits of this medication does not end the list that we have listed. This wine should try if you are troubled by chronic and acute diseases of the stomach and intestines and is used in the fight against digestive problems and inflammation of the colon. Beverage effectively regulate the digestive flora and destroys and regulates proliferation of harmful bacteria and worms. The drug helps with lack of appetite and weakness caused by an illness, surgery or a fall of the immune system.

For the preparation of blueberry wine, you need:

1/2 pound fresh blueberries (as a substitute you can use frozen berries) but not dehydrated.

1/2 pound of juniper berries

1 liter of good red wine

half a liter of strong domestic brandy

4 tablespoons honey, 3 tablespoons sugar

Blueberries and spruce wash and place in a large jar. Add the wine and let stand in refrigerator for 48 hours. Then the mixture, add the brandy, honey and sugar. All mix well and leave to stand for seven days.

The drug is used by taking 4 tablespoons every morning and evening. Wine is used three days in the morning and in the evening then pauses for two days. If you drink wine, if necessary, you can create a new dose and continue to take this medicine until your symptoms are gone.


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