The Herb is Known as a Natural Remedy to Dissolve Kidney Stones and Gallstones and Break up the Stones and Enable Them to Pass – GTM

Shortly after I opened my store this tea was brought for me to find by a customer who swore by it. He told me someone brought it back from Brazil and gave it to him. He gets kidney stones and he said he drinks it as soon as they start and the tea from the herb enables him to pass them within two to three days. He had run out and could not find it. I was impressed when I read about the herb and have brought it into my store and since have had satisfied customers with the results of this tea.

stonebreaker-gtmKathy Starynchak, an expert on detoxifying the body, recommends to detox the body naturally with Stonebreaker tea.

Chanca Piedra has been the subject of much research to discover the active constitutes and their pharmacological activities beginning in the mid 1960’s. A 1999 clinical study validated the effect Chanca Piedra has on calcium oxalate crystal formation (the building blocks for kidney stones). The herb is known to break up the stones and enable them to pass. The antihepatotoxic (liver protecting) activity of Chanca Piedra was attributed to two compounds in the plant called Phyllanthus and hypophyllanthin in a 1985 study by Indian researchers.

In the 1980’s it gained worldwide attention due to the plants antiviral activity against hepatitis B. there have been many studies all over the world as we are still learning all the benefits of this herb. Still known mostly for treating kidney and gallstones the herb shows promise with also treating a long list of other aliments. In Japan they are testing it with aids patients. For centuries, it has been used to aid in treating hepatitis B.

  • 1 tablespoon makes a gallon of Stonebreaker Tea. If you drink 3 – 8 ounce glasses a day, a 4 ounce bag can last a year.

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