Don’t Spend Your Money On Pedicure: Use Two Ingredients From Your Kitchen and Make Your Feet Look Nice

Have you ever noticed that most of the people take care of their overall looks, except their feet? But whether it comes to cracked or dry feet, there is a solution for everything. The feet are the part of the body that does all the work, and are under pressure for the most part of the day, so it is probably normal for them to look tired and unattractive.


But as we previously mentioned, there is a simple solution to everything. It does not include fancy spa treatments or any other over the chart expensive matter. You can make your feet look nice, smooth and relaxed in your own home.

Additionally, we are going to present you with a recipe that will relax your feet and make them feel fresh. This recipe is all natural, will freshen you up, it will even remove the dead skin and prepare your feet for a summer look in your favorite sandals.

Follow this simple recipe – you will need to take 2 to 4 glasses of milk and warm it up. Then, what you will do next it transfer the warmed up milk in a place where you can put your feet in it and relax them.

When you’ve done that, add baking soda and stir it up good. At the very end wash your feet with regular water and apply foot cream on them.

The results? The softest feet you have ever seen! No dry skin, or dead skin. You will not have to watch or feel the roughness of the heel. Your feet will be as amazing as ever! Try this simple recipe.

It doesn’t take much of your time, nor money, the ingredients are surely already sitting in your kitchen. You will not regret it.

Once you’ve tried this, it will easily become your weekly routine, even daily if you want, for this treatment has no side effects on the skin whatsoever. Enjoy your fresh and silky soft feet.

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