How much time should pass from dinner to bedtime?


How much time should pass from dinner to bedtime?

Going to bed immediately after dinner, increases the risk of stroke by 67 percent, and so bedtime is recommended at the earliest hour after dinner, the result of research experts from the Faculty of Medicine in Greece.

Experts have studied about 600 people, half of the respondents have had a stroke, and half of acute coronary syndrome (a common form of heart disease with decreased blood flow to the heart due to clogged arteries).

The subjects were divided into two groups – those who have waited for 60 to 70 minutes after dinner and went to sleep and those who immediately went to sleep. In another group of people had 66 percent more likely to have a stroke, whereas people who have waited between 70 and 120 minutes were 76 percent more protected.

bed GTMIn addition, going to bed, at least, an hour after dinner reduces the risk of acute coronary syndrome.

Reflux is also one of the consequences of too fast going to bed after eating. In the supine position worsens the situation in which stomach acids back into the throat, and long-term consequences are damage to the mucous membranes of the esophagus.

The occurrence of heartburn and belching due to early occur due to problems with the digestive organism lying down and relaxed.

Note: After dinner, do not go to sleep immediately!



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