How to Check If Your Eggs Came from a Sick Chicken And How To Find Healthy Eggs?

Have you ever been in the middle of baking or cooking, only to notice your eggs are passed the “sell-by” date? Or maybe your eggs are in a container with no expiration date and you’re not sure when you should throw them out. Luckily, a bad egg is easy to identify. This article will teach you how to figure out if your eggs are good or bad, plus tricks to determine their freshness

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There are very few persons who do not want beautifully cooked eggs. The eggs are delicious, no matter how they are cooked, fried, boiled scrambled or poached. However, you should learn how to recognize eggs from healthy chickens.

How to recognize a healthy chicken?

It is very important to learn how to recognize which chicken is healthy. Healthy chicken eats several different sorts of foods daily. This includes meat also. They need to meet too. They eat different bugs, mice and sometimes even snakes.
The chicken needs to be allowed to move free in order to gain nutrients from the food they have eaten which are later transmitted to their eggs. If the chickens are locked in small hatches for their entire life they will not receive the required minerals and vitamins needed for their eggs. And these eggs will not have the same quality level as the eggs from the chickens which move free.

It is also very important to know how good quality eggs look like. In this article we will present you some characteristics that may help you to distinguish a good egg from a bad one:

  • Shell density and hardness: If the egg cracks very easily, it is not a good-quality egg for sure. Healthy chicken which has a rich diet and good health produce strong eggs. If an egg is healthy its shell should not crack very easily.
  • The color of the Yolk: Another very important characteristic is the yolk color. The ideal color for the chicken yolk should be orange. So, if you notice that the egg yolk is with light or bright yellow yolk than probably it is not a good-quality egg.
  • The thickness of the Yolk: It is very easy to determine the quality of the egg by looking at the thickness of its yolk. Healthy egg yolks are usually rounder and thicker.

Many researchers claim that the healthy nutrition in chickens plays a very important role in the healthy eggs production. If the chickens consume more beta carotene, then the eggs will also have a higher amount of beta-carotene. Also, by increasing the DHA levels in chickens diet the level of omega-3 fatty acids will be also increased.

Where can I find healthy eggs?

Now you know how a healthy egg looks like. Now, you might be interested where you can find these healthy eggs. There is already a significant growth of the agricultural industry and the choices for the eggs are plenty.

If you want to have healthy eggs the best way is to buy your own chickens and keep them in your garden if you have enough space and desire. They will have everything they need in your garden and they will produce healthy and delicious eggs for you and your family.

If you do not know how to raise the chickens properly then you can contact a local farm and ask them. If their chickens are free to move and have access to a variety of foods, then you can buy the eggs and you will not make a mistake for sure.

Try the eggs with orange yolk and you will notice by the taste. They are tastier than those with bright yellow yolk.







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