How To Cure The Strep Throat In One Day Without Taking Antibiotics?

Strep throat is a bacterial infection that can make your throat feel sore and scratchy

Strep throat is caused when Streptococcus pyogenic micro organism-bacteria occur and is followed by pain and inflammation on the throat. This condition can have an effect on people from all ages, but it is most common among children under the age of 12.

There are natural remedies which effectively treat this condition, eliminating inflammation, attacking Streptococcus bacteria, and reducing pain. You can try:

  • Honey – its healing qualities make this product very effective in dealing with throat infections.
  • Apple cedar vinegar – gargle with a mixture of warm water and apple cedar vinegar. Use 8 oz of water and 3 tsp of ACV. You may increase the dose and add ¼ cup of the vinegar with 16 oz of water. After 20 minutes of the treatment, the remedy will start to work.
  • Vitamin C – you can drink tea with lemon and honey. Lemon will help due to it being loaded with vitamin C which has healing, antibacterial, soothing, and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Cayenne pepper – it can also treat joint and muscle pain as it is greatly absorbed through the skin. Its taste is very strong and it can hurt the throat, thus it should not be used directly on the throat, but apply capsaicin paste or cream on the swollen lymph nodes on the neck and on the skin of the throat. If in case you don’t have capsaicin cream or paste, mix ½ cup of carrier oil and 1 tsp of ground cayenne powder. Olive and coconut oil are good alternatives.

Additional suggestion: this condition can be effectively treated with essential oils like cinnamon,sage, thyme, lavender, lemongrass, grapefruit, and lemon essential oils. Such oils are very effective against bacterial infections in the throat due to their antibacterial properties. You can mix 5 drops of these essential oils and water for a quick pain relief. Heat this mixture and remove it from the stove before it starts boiling. Start inhaling the steam for couple of minutes. Repeat this remedy-treatment couple of times daily.


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