How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally and Effectively (Part 1)

Fleas are insects that form the order Siphonaptera. They are wingless, with mouthparts adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood. Fleas are external parasites, living by hematophagy off the blood of mammals and birds

Fleas, cockroaches, and all other bugs and insects can be a real pain in your house and get rid of them is painful, irritating and bothersome. For those who do not like chemicals and toxins, getting rid of fleas can sometimes be even harder than usual. There are several natural ways how to get rid of fleas, and all of them are as effective as they come. Some of them, however, can always pose a risk, especially for your pets and little children. Therefore, use them with caution.

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Home Remedies for Getting rid of Fleas

Some people prefer the chemical products for getting rid of fleas on their pets, others prefer not to use chemicals on their beloved dogs and cats. For the latter, home remedies are the way to go, and we’ve got several for you.

Flea Trap

The easiest and simplest way to catch fleas is by placing a trap within your home. While washing your pet will get the fleas out of his body, a trap will get the fleas completely out of your house. You’ll need:

  • tea candles
  • warm water
  • dish washing liquid
  • bowls or dinner plates

How to do it:

Place either a dinner plate or a bowl in each of the rooms in your house. The best position is the middle of the room. Fill the bowls with warm water, and then add the dishwashing liquid to the mixture. Don’t be cheap on the liquid. Place a candle in the middle of the bowl/plate.

For those using a bowl, you can place the candle near the bowl. Light up the candles, and go to bed. Fleas are attracted to light, and as they jump towards the candles, they will get stuck in the liquid soap. In the morning, dispose of the traps. Just make sure to be cautious during the night so your house doesn’t get on fire. If you are afraid to use candles, use a night light for the trap.

Flea Spray

An herbal spray is a nice home remedy for getting rid of fleas, and you do not need many ingredients. And the best part is, herbal sprays are safe for your pets, unlike chemicals. The ingredients include:

  • 4 liters of vinegar
  • 2 liters of water
  • 500ml lemon juice
  • 250ml witch hazel
  • fresh vacuum bag
  • garden sprayer that can hold at least 6 liters

How to do it:

Collect all your carpets, rugs, and beddings that cannot be vacuumed, and wash them in the washer at hottest setting. Vacuum your house properly, vacuuming corners, crevices, and upholstery.

Once you are done with vacuuming, mix the vinegar, lemon juice, witch hazel and water. Spray your furniture, carpets, window sills, floors, pet beddings and every corner of the house. You can spray for 2 to 5 days, depending on flea infestation.

Pet Spray

The previous spray is designed for the furniture, carpets and other parts of your house. But you also need a spray for your pet. For this spray, you’ll need:

  • 7 cups of apple cider vinegar
  • spray bottle
  • water

How to do it:

You can use only ACV, or you can dilute it with water. Put the ingredients in a spray bottle, and then apply on your pet’s coat. Let it stay there for five minutes, and then wash it with a mild shampoo.

Homemade Flea Shampoo

Washing your pet is one of the many ways how to get rid of fleas. For this simple remedy, you’ll need:

  • 1 tablespoon of castile soap
  • 10 drops of essential oils
  • 12 ounces of water
  • squirt bottle

How to do it:

Mix all the ingredients in the bottle, shake it and you are ready to go. Make sure to leave the later on when you are shampooing your pet. While you are washing your pet, avoid the eyes.

Rosemary Flea Spray

There are several alternatives to flea spray, and lemons and vinegar are just one option. For this flea spray, you’ll need:

  • rosemary leaves
  • 6 slices of lemons
  • 1-liter boiling water
  • essential oil, geranium preferred
  • spraying bottle

How to do it:

Start by placing the lemon slices into a large bowl. Chop the rosemary leaves, and add them to the mixture. Now, boil the water, and then pour it into the bowl with lemons and rosemary. Add few drops of geranium oil. Let it stay overnight, and in the morning, strain the water and fill the sprayer with the solution. Your spray is ready to use for your furniture, pet’s bedding, upholstery and everywhere else.

Salt Remedy

Salt is one of the most common ingredients in the kitchen. But did you know it can help you how to get rid of fleas? The ingredients for this inexpensive home remedy include:

  • large spice bottle that has a shaker top
  • table salt or sea salt (the amount depends on the area you want to cover)

How to do it:

First off, you need to prepare the salt. If it is finely ground, great. If not, you need to grind until you get salt powder. Now, fill the spice bottle with salt. Make sure to leave room at the top in order to shake the salt. After your salt remedy is ready, sprinkle over carpets. Let it stay between 12 and 48 hours, and then vacuum the carpets.

Flea Comb

If you want to get rid of fleas, you need a special comb for your beloved pet. For this flea comb, the ingredients are:

  • three lemons
  • pot
  • two cups of water
  • spray bottle
  • not used a comb

How to do it:

Boil the water, and then let it steep for about three hours. Now, strain the lemons, and place the liquid you get into the spray bottle. The next time you comb your pet, spray them with the solution and then comb them.

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