How to Make Your Incredible Honey Elixir For Colds and Flues

Honey is on its own some type of remedy that is among the healthiest in the world. It is great bacteria fighter and natural remedy for allergies, weakened the immune system, cuts and scrapes. You can also use honey as substitution of refined sugar and in that way save yourself of its bad effects.

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We recommend you to consume honey regularly in winter- the season of colds and flues. It will keep you away from a cough, flu, colds and respiratory infections. There are different honey elixirs available in the supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies, so it would be good if you have one of them at home.


You can include honey in your everyday diet and save your body from infections while you are enjoying its marvelous taste.

We hope that after reading all these benefits of honey elixir, you will provide one at your home. But do you know that besides the ones that you can find in the stores you can also prepare your own honey elixir at home? Yes, you can prepare an elixir that will save you and your family from colds, flues and infections.

The best thing about this homemade elixir is that you can make a choice of which herbs you will use in its preparation. There are many herbs that are used for the treatment of different ailments and by making the perfect combination you can come up with an all­natural cure that fully utilizes the healing properties of some of Mother Nature’s gifts to mankind.

The Following is a Recipe of the very simple DIY Honey Elixir:

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 tablespoon of the dried herb of your liking (you may use 2 tablespoons of the fresh variety if you like)
  • 1 cup of raw honey (the kind available locally is the best)

Instructions how to prepare it:

Start by boiling the water in a double boiler. Turn on the stove on the highest temperature and put a cup of honey in the double boiler. Then add the herb that you have decided to use and stir it well. Cover the double boiler and leave it to boil like that for an hour. After this time passes turn off the heat and leave the elixir to cool down. When it gets cool strain it, and place it in a glass jar.



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