Your Husband Will Thank You Tonight, Say Goodbye To Vagina Yeast Infection & Bad Odor With This Homemade – Recipe

An unpleasant vaginal odor is a very common problem that affects nearly every woman at least once in her life. Various factors can contribute to the development of this issue, including poor hygiene, hormonal changes, bacterial growth, and sexually transmitted diseases.

How to Get Rid of Bad Vaginal Odor

Nevertheless, the most common culprits for the appearance of bad odor are yeast infections. A vaginal yeast infection, or vaginal candidiasis, occurs due to an overgrowth of Candida albicans fungus.

This infection causes redness, irritation, and itching in the vulvar area. Fortunately, there are some natural ways in which you can improve your vaginal health.

Here are some simple tips that will help you to protect yourself against a vaginal yeast infection and to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

Don’t use scented soaps

The vagina is designed to maintain itself clean with the help of natural secretions, and the usage of soaps is not very beneficial for your vaginal health.

The best way to keep it clean is to wash it only with water. In case you use a soap, make sure that you are using an unscented one.

Perfumed soaps and cleaners can affect the natural pH balance of the vagina, which will increase the bad odor.

Maintain a good hygiene during your period

The risk of getting a vaginal infection is drastically increased during your period. The reason why this occurs is because the blood in the vagina causes an imbalance of the pH levels.

Therefore, you need to pay a specific attention to your personal hygiene habits while having a period.

Avoid getting hot baths

By getting hot baths, you will destroy your good bacteria, which will increase the vaginal odor. Instead, you should try getting showers.

Consume yogurt

The consumption of yogurt is very effective in removing unpleasant vaginal odor. The yogurt is rich in lactobacillus bacteria which have an ability to fight against a candida infection and to restore the balance of the pH levels.

Add white vinegar to your bath

The white vinegar is very beneficial for neutralizing odors since it has an ability to break down odor proteins. A white vinegar bath will help you to eliminate the vaginal odor and to restore the pH levels in the vagina.

In order to prepare the bath, you should mix one-half cup of white vinegar and one-half cup of salt in lukewarm bathwater. Soak in the bath for a few minutes. You should repeat the process several times a week.

Soak yourself in apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is a strong antibacterial agent. Add 1-2 cups (240-470 ml) of apple cider vinegar to your bath, and soak yourself in it for 20 minutes.

The vinegar will help you to eliminate the bacteria and toxins which are responsible for causing the vaginal odor.

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