Incredible: The Oldest Man In The World With 180 years Discovered The Secret Of Longevity


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Indian Mahashta Mûrasi outlived his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and claims that he can prove that he has even 180 years.

INDIA GTMMahashta Mûrasi from the city of Bangalore in northern India, according to the Guinness World Records he is the oldest man in the world, according to IHA. Mûrasi NOW has 180 years and even testified about the death of a grandchild of his grandchild. The Guinness Book of Records is entered with 179 years.

Indian born in 1835 has attracted attention around the world. Mahashta Mûrasi was convinced that he was immortal.

Mahashta Mûrasi reportedly born on January 6, 1835, in Bangalore. He worked as a shoemaker until 1957, hi is retiring after 122 years.
– Death has forgotten me – jokes Mûrasi
Outlived her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and the last doctor had died in 1971.
Officially the oldest person who ever lived was French woman Jean Kalman which experienced 122 birthday.

INDIA 4 GTMWhen Dr. Hill asked:

-What is the secret of your longevity?

Mûrasi just laughed and answer:

-All my life I drank only pure spring water eats only healthy unsprayed fruits and vegetables. I look at the people around me, every day buying fruit and vegetables that look nice but do not know that it is repeatedly sprayed and is toxic. I always eat fruit that eats the worm, because the worm does not eat poisonous fruit.

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