Is There A Chance To Remove Scars On The Natural Way?

scar GTM

Scratches, wounds or surgery on your skin leaving scars that remain  us, our whole life. But as with everything else in this situation Nature is our faithful ally. Here are tips to help against blemishes, scars and stretch marks.

Fatty acids in this beneficial oil acting as a powerful antioxidant. The oil has antibacterial properties, soothes irritated skin, restores and protects against free radicals and act preventively against stretch marks.

      Application: Oil every day, apply damage to the skin. Leave to soak.

The carrot is full of vitamin A which stimulates the healing of wounds and scars, as well as vitamin C, which nurtures and nourishes the skin. Carotene in carrots makes the skin healthy and gives it freshness.

        Preparation: Mix the carrot juice with a teaspoon of sea salt and gently massage the scar. Leave to dry and     rinse off with lukewarm water.

The very powerful herb that penetrates the deepest layers of tissue, bactericidal and fungicidal, helps speed the healing of wounds and burns, stimulates the production of new skin cells. Aloe soothes and moisturizes the skin.

       Preparation: Tear off a piece of leaf aloe vera and lemon leaf, apply scar. Leave to dry without rinsing. Juice  can smear the entire face or dry and cracked skin areas.

Hydrates regenerates and nourishes the skin. Alleviates stretch marks, redness of the skin and burst capillaries. Quickly penetrates the skin, tones and tightens and thus maintains its elasticity and firmness.

     Application: Everyday oil lubricates the area of damaged skin and leaves to absorb.

It acts as an antioxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals in the skin and protects it from any damage and aging. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is very effective in burns, scars and stretch marks.

      Application: Apply the oil on the damage to the skin and leave to absorb. Instead of oil, you can use vitamin E capsules.

I hope these tips will be of benefit to you!


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