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Heart diseases, hypertension and type 2 diabetes are some of the modern diseases that can be caused by obesity. Today we will present you the 7 day dietary regimen that will help you get rid of the excess pounds in extremely short period of time. This diet was recommended by the doctors from one of the most eminent hospitals for heart diseases and was served to patients who had to lose weight quickly (scheduled for heart surgery).

Tcabbage diet 777 gtmhis soup must be combined with kombucha and plenty of water – beneficial for the digestive tract, in order to prevent malnutrition.

Original Recipe:

  •       Salt and pepper
  •        8 oz (2 cans) of green beans
  •       6 chopped green onions
  •       Nicely chopped cabbage
  •       3 sliced carrots
  •       1 bunch of celery
  •       16 oz (a can) of diced tomatoes
  •       1 oz envelope Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Curry powder, Tobasco sauce, chopped parsley, beef bouillon and cayenne pepper can be also added.


Place all the ingredients that we’ve mentioned above in a cooking pot, add spices and cover them in water. Let it boil for 5 min and then reduce the heat and simmer until all the ingredients become tender.

Diet Cabbage Soup

  •       Salt and pepper
  •        Lots of herbs
  •        Broth
  •       Sliced leek
  •       2 lbs of crushed tomatoes
  •       A sliced kombu seaweed
  •       A lb of chopped shiitake mushrooms
  •        A large shredded cabbage
  •       A bulb of sliced garlic
  •       A large onion
  •       A diced bell pepper


Saute all the vegetables with coconut or vegetable oil except the cabbage and tomato. The next thing you should do is to place the cabbage and tomatoes in a pot with water and then bringing it to boil. Let it simmer for 5 min and add some dried or fresh herbs.

7 Days Diet Plan

1st Day – consume kombucha or unsweetened tea, cranberry juice, pure water, fruits and the soup. Avoid banana, but incorporate cantaloupe and more watermelon

2nd Day – consume leafy vegetables, dry beans, peas, avoid corn and eat the soup and vegetables. Take a buttered potato for dinner. Do not forget not to eat fruits.

3rd Day – consume fruits and veggies and the soup, exclude the potato for dinner. 5-7 lbs can be lost till now.

4th Day – you can consume water and bananas as much as you want along with your soup. You will need carbs, proteins, calcium and potassium to lessen your carvings for sweet.

5th Day – you can consume aduki, beand, wheat, fish chicken, lamb, beef, 10-20 oz of beef and you can consume 6 organic tomatoes. Consume soup at least once throughout the day and 6-8 glasses of water.

6th Day – you can combine vegetables with beans, fish, chicken, beef and lamb as much as you can. You can also eat leafy greens with 2-3 steaks with soup at least once per day. Do not consume baked potatoes.

7th Day – consume soup at least once per day, brown rice and vegetables as much as you want and unsweetened fruit.

You will definitely burn 10-17 pounds if you stick to the diet. If you burnt more than 15 pounds, you should make a pause and the start from day 1. The diet will affect everyone differently because every person has different digestive tract.

Extra Tips

Eliminate fried foods, pasta, bread and alcohol during the diet.

Stick to juices, skimmed milk, coffee, water and unsweetened tea.

NOTE: Do not drink diet and carbonated drinks.







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